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BARBENHEIMER Inspo 'Fits | Runway Goddess

Written by RG Staff


Posted on July 17 2023

Introducing Barbenheimer. Barbie and Oppenheimer, the two movies that are keeping the world in anticipation this year for their releases on July 20th. Combining the bright pink of Barbie and the dark blacks of Oppenheimer, we at Runway Goddess have curated the perfect blog featuring pink and black outfit ideas, hairstyle tips and barbie nail looks so you can walk into the cinemas looking and feeling like Margot Robbie herself!


Fancy the minimalist monochromatic trend? The ‘Taylor’ black midi is the perfect Oppenheimer dress! Featuring a side slit and u-shaped neckline, this dress radiates elegance and comfort for the cinemas. Pair this simple yet sophisticated dress with some gold jewellery for a classy Oppenheimer movie date ‘fit. With the ‘Taylor’ midi dress, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


Stay warm and on theme for the Barbenheimer movies with the ultimate winter outfit: the pink ‘Allegra’ top and the black ‘Cassidy’ skirt! The bow style crop top and the chic mini skirt combined is the perfect set for the back-to-back screenings. Pair your Barbenheimer outfit with knee high boots to radiate your inner boss babe!


This Barbenheimer outfit is the perfect look for anyone trying to stay warm in the theatre and still look their best. With the long sleeve ‘Kaila’ top in black and the midi ‘Penny’ skirt in pink, these two parts of a set are perfect when combined to create the dream premiere look. Featuring a side slit skirt with a twisted waistband and a long sleeve shirt with a twist crossover design and a small cutout at the front, this set is the perfect simple yet unique look for everyone and anyone! Pair this look with some black boots and gold jewellery to bring out your inner Barbenheimmer!


In love with Barbie's style as much as we are? The ‘Saffron’ pink gingham maxi is the perfect dress for you! With a halter neck and a bow like design on the bust, ‘Saffron’ is the most gorgeous gingham maxi for any girl wishing to live out their Barbie fashion dreams. Style this gingham maxi with some simple white heels and silver jewellery sets to bring out your childhood!


A movie date in winter means one thing: you need the perfect jacket to stay warm and stylish! Available in a range of colours, especially a soft blush and cool black, the ‘Bambi’ jacket keeps you on theme for the Barbenheimer movies! Throw on the blush ‘Bambi’ for the ‘Taylor’ midi and the ‘Kaila’ and ‘Penny’ set, or the black ‘Bambi’ for the ‘Saffron’ maxi and the ‘Allegra’ and ‘Cassidy’ set. It’s not a Barbenheimer outfit without our best-selling ‘Bambi’ jackets!



 Barbie glitter bow nails

Barbenheimer heart nails

Barbie swirl heart nails


A half up half down ponytail look with framing pieces and a strand covering the hair tie. Add the iconic visor for a hard to miss look.

The iconic half up half down look, perfect for bangs and curled hair. With a gingham bow to tie the look together.

A side braid made for those who would rather have a more put together look. With loose bangs and a pink bow, don't forget the soft pink beret to feel like Barbie.