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4 Winter Fashion Trends for 2021 in Australia

Written by Casey


Posted on August 16 2021

The fashion seen this winter season proves that style does not need to be substituted for comfort! We have discovered, or even rediscovered, many trends that have made this one of the most exciting winter’s yet in terms of fashion – whether it’s a faux fur coats, the statement-making puff sleeves or even the most comfortable knit dresses; there are so many pieces that you simply must add to your collection while you still have the chance. 


Puff Sleeve Dress

You can’t go wrong with a classic puff sleeve dress - and for good reason, as this style has been absolutely dominating the trends this season.


White Astrid Dress
Astrid Mesh Dress - Chocolate


The Astrid Mesh Dress is the perfect choice for those cooler nights out, and has been such a crowd favourite that we've even introduced a midi form, the Jupiter Mesh Dress. These pieces eliminate the need for any outerwear, whilst continuing to maintain comfort, warmth, and style – what’s not to love?


Jupiter dress in Wine and Emerald



Sweater Set

Knit dresses and sets are arguably the most classic winter trend, since the comfort and versatility of this material is truly like no other. Our top pick for this season is definitely the Sonny Top and Sonny Skirt. Whether they’re worn together or separately, this set features both knit material and long sleeves - a combination which is sure to keep you warm all night long!


Sonny Set
Sonny Set
Sonny Set -Pink


Ribbed Midi Dress

If you’re more of a dress person, then look no further than the Henrietta dress – the perfect ribbed midi dress and statement piece for both this season and the next. Featuring an iconic waist cutout, double side splits, as well as adjustable straps to create the perfect fit  – what more could you want in a dress!?

Henrietta Dress -Black
Henrietta Dress -Midnight Blue


Faux Fur Coat

Of course, we can't forget the undying winter staple piece - a gorgeous jacket perfect for any occasion. We've covered this with our beautiful Bambi Jackets which are available in a variety of colours that you’re sure to love. The comfort of these faux fur coats is like nothing you have felt before, and pair perfectly with all your favourite outfits to provide some warmth without sacrificing your personal style. You won't want to miss out on these beauties!

Bambi Jacket -Chocolate
Bambi Jacket -White
Bambi Jacket -Chocolate
Bambi Jacket -Blush